Jamie Oliver MLM ? Can You Make Money With ‘Jamie At Home’?


Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef from the UK, and he is looking to capitalize on his fame by launching a new MLM opportunity selling kitchenware and household goods. The company, which is called ‘Jamie At Home’, will allow independent sales consultants to start their own direct-selling franchise where they can make money by selling the goods to other people.

Is It Possible To Make Money With ‘Jamie At Home’?

It is essential that it is possible to make money with any MLM scheme, otherwise it becomes dangerously close to being an illegal pyramid scheme. Luckily, ‘Jamie At Home’ is NOT a pyramid scheme. The products are of a good standard and the business opportunity is potentially profitable, but the problem is that most people in the business will not have the skill-set required to make a lot of cash.

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How To Money With ‘Jamie At Home’

Like any business, if you want to be successful you need to have a certain level of knowledge and skills. You wouldn’t become a bus driver without first learning how to drive a bus. Similarly, you wouldn’t become a network marketer without learning basic marketing.

You can follow the company advice and hold sales parties for your family and friends, but these are just designed to give you a small amount of residual income in your spare time, not to make you any serious money. If you want to make real money with ‘Jamie At Home’ you will need to learn the art and science of target marketing.

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Target marketing means identifying a target market i.e. the people most likely to need or want your products, and then implementing strategies that will allow these people to find you. In no time, just by using a few simple, cheap and effective marketing techniques, you could be generating hundreds of leads for your business every single week. People from all over the world will be contacting you, because you will have identified their need for the products, and they will have identified you as a supplier.

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So if you really want to make serious money with ‘Jamie At Home’, ditch the sales parties and take the time to learn all about target marketing.

To find out more about how target marketing can revolutionize your business and make you some serious money, see the JamieAtHome Money Maker

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