Jane Fonda Dvd: The Fonda Way To A Better Body

{flickr|100|campaign} In todays fitness conscious world, everybody is looking for a quick, simple and effective workout that can lead him or her to the holy grail of a fit, toned body. Jane Fonda, star of the famous Jane Fonda leg lifts video and fitness queen of the 80s, delivers just that with her Jane Fonda DVD aimed at a total body workout. Combining aerobics, body sculpting & toning and stretching, the three-part workout series is designed to be incredibly effective in a very short timeframe and includes everything you need to achieve complete overall fitness.

The Fitness Advantages Of Aerobics

Aerobic exercises such as the Jane Fonda workouts focus on the cardiovascular system and are some of the most effective ways of burning body fat. Fat is burned primarily in muscle tissue and activities that use large muscle groups, such as those of the legs and hips, in a rhythmic and continuous fashion, help burn the greatest amount of body fat.

The workouts also improve energy levels as the bodys ability to deliver and use oxygen in muscle tissue increases. Other benefits include a reduction of stress levels; decrease in the body fat percentage, and last but not the least, a much lower risk of heart diseases. Common aerobic workouts involve activities such as walking and jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobic exercise classes. It is recommended that Use your breathing rate and sense of comfort during exercise as the key indicators, and your heart rate as a complement.

Body Sculpting

A body sculpting exercise routine is a combination of increasing flexibility and cardiovascular training with light free-weights or exercise bands to shape and tone the body without increasing the overall mass. Body sculpting not only produces an attractive toned body; it also increases the metabolism and brings about an overall sense of well being in addition to preventing diseases such as osteoporosis.

A good method for those who would like to get authoritative body sculpting tips is to buy a sculpting video such as Jane Fonda DVD. Beginners should start slowly with weight training two or three times a week, taking care to work out only on alternate days. This will give the muscles adequate time to rest before each session. Start with a single set of 812 repetitions and gradually increase the weight and the number of sets as the muscles get used to the effort. For the greatest results, perform these exercises in combination with an aerobic fitness routine.

To conclude, it takes a comprehensive approach to your health to see the full physical benefits. No workout can take the place of a good diet or regular activity. Beginners, especially seniors, should take care to check with a physician before beginning any exercise program especially if they are suffering from any kind of medical condition.

Regular and consistent workouts are necessary to achieve the maximum benefits from exercise and this often proves difficult for many people. The majority of those who failed to sustain their exercise commitments report boredom and lack of motivation as their main problems. The Jane Fonda DVD provides the perfect antidote to this problem with several fast energetic exercise routines set to a variety of fun beats.

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