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tags Women in all countries in the world, who is best qualified to say that they most slim? Japanese women living in the United States JIASHISEN Hill Naomi throws a book “Japanese women are not fat nor old: Japanese food from the kitchen Mama”, on a traditional diet to help maintain good health, weight loss tips.

The secret of the Japanese non-fat

Japanese ultra-eat, fat little street Obesity group according to the latest international statistics, in developed countries, French women’s obesity rate is 11%, 34% of the United States, Japan, only 3%, the lowest. In addition, the Japanese women’s average life expectancy is 85 years old, is the highest. Italy and France is 84 years old, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia was 83 years old … … taking into account the extent of the Japanese obsession with food, the obesity rate is low is very strange. Naomi Moriyama said, mostly because of the nutritional value of traditional Japanese diet.

Secret one: heat a small traditional diet (food fresh first)

Naomi Moriyama said that when she when to college in the United States, a full fat, 12 kg, but returned to Japan after graduation, she was soon restored to the way it was before. She credited her mother cooking delicious food.

, Said Naomi Moriyama, a traditional Japanese diet, including fish, vegetables, fruits, rice and soybeans. Naomi Moriyama think a very important reason is the different Eastern and Western shopping habits. She said: praise of traditional Japanese culture, “new first”, so Japanese women often like to buy more fish, vegetables and fruit, red meat, sweets, biscuits and processed foods is to buy less. Japanese kitchen is not large, there is not much place to store food, so we went to the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables more times. On the contrary, in the United States, people like to purchase a few weeks of food in the refrigerator.

Secret 2: eat eat eat Bacheng (weight less dishes)

About to eat, Naomi Moriyama mentioned a saying: “food is best eight full”, it simply is not a heavy meal before. In addition, the Eastern and Western food is also an important component of different reasons. Naomi Moriyama, said: “In the U.S., the quantity of food in the past few decades more and more, which indirectly led to an increase in the number of obesity. Japan is doing better. Japanese absorb 2,700 calories per day, Americans average daily absorption of 3700 calories, 1000 calories difference between the two.

Naomi Moriyama recommended food to take the attitude of the Chinese Zen-style: Select the best fresh ingredients, careful cooking. Meals do not devour, taste delicious food, but also learn to appreciate the beautiful dishes. Beautiful appearance is the source of the life of Japanese cuisine.

Secret three: walking, cycling is very important

In the writing process, Naomi Moriyama and her husband interviewed 30 of life, health and nutrition experts. She said: “They put the Japanese live longer due to several key factors: diet and lifestyle, close social and spiritual ties, developed health care system, there may well be little reason for the genetic and exercise. And the West than The Japanese prefer to walk or ride a bike. “

Attached: Health Menu Staple foods: fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, soybeans;

Dishes: salads, appetizers;

Diet: red meat, sweets, biscuits.

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