Jose Silva’s Everyday ESP by Jose Silva Jr


What is this about? Did I read your mind? There are some phenomenon in our lives though common but still remained a mystery.We are mystified and petrified by the things we can not explain. In an era of technological advancement, we advanced so rapidly but we still have a long way to go.

Fortunately, Jose Silva, a world renowned psychologist with the aid of the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Napoleon Hill (the author of Think and Grow Rich!) have some significant leads on how to tap one of the greatest assets you will ever have, your mind. Sad to say that we only utilized about 5-10% of our mind. Where are the other 90-95%? It remained dormant. How can we awaken this sleeping giant within us? Here are some answers that Jose Silva offered:

1. Dynamic Meditation System

2. Conscious Utilization of Dreams

3. Mental Imaging (mental theater)

4. Seeking the Aid of the Almighty

Jose Silva introduces the scientifically proven Dynamic Meditation System. As Napoleon Hill have asserted, how we live is affected by how we think. It is logical that we utilize meditation and related relaxation techniques to calm our mind in order to control it. He also encourages us to visualize thus, he coined the term mental theater. This aids us in programing ourselves to achieve our specific goals.

Do you happen to dream an events before they actually occur? Jose Silva gives some helpful guidelines on how to utilize dreams with conscious control. Dreams are not to trifled with, Jose Silva encourages take note of our dreams for they may be of great importance.

Finally, He encourages us to the aid of the Almighty for inspiration. Whatever your religion may be, we seek guidance from a being higher than ourselves. Some may call Him Allah, Jehovah or Yahweh. It is advisable to follow the religious guidelines. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all this things shall be added unto you.” This has been Jose Silva’s lifelong principle.

You may be skeptical with this book. It is natural. Check this book and judge it for your self whether these guidelines work in real time or not.

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