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.tags In 2009, the national brewing for many years was finally his breakthrough new medical reform plan. Has always been unique in this industry in Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Industry Naturally will not miss the opportunities ahead, started out with Kang Enbei herbal began to seek “Product innovation and business model innovation combined” in Yunnanbaiyao Type derived growth pattern. Its the “2009 Campaign for Innovation” as the starting point, endogenous extension simultaneously, to break through the main industry bottlenecks, while active merger and reorganization, the transferee Jiangxi day 20.88% stake in health facilities, and to develop additional proposed to be closed shares to raise 420 million yuan investment Essential Drugs List Product expansion projects, a series of initiatives have for the future Kangen Bei laid a good foundation.

“The next 5 years, Kangen Bei goal is to create a ‘Chinese herbal first business’.” Companies in the recently held 2009 annual meeting, Kangen Bei Hu Jiqiang, chairman of the development of such a description Kangen Bei ideas.

Advantage of medical reform in 2009 with net profit of billions of dollars
After 2007, steady performance in 2008 after a period, in 2009, Kangen Bei restored growth ability.

Kangen Bei recently released 2009 annual report, the company achieved annual revenue of 1.406 billion yuan, up 28.46 percent; to achieve operating profit 105 million yuan, up 139.60 percent; 101 million yuan net profit attributable to parent company , an increase of 10.05%; to achieve earnings per share of 0.31 yuan. Allocation plan for each 10 shares 1.50 yuan (tax included).

2009, the Kangen Bei will be consolidated into the day Shikang Na (50.88% shareholding, merger 5 months), the pharmaceutical industry to achieve revenues 1.197 billion yuan, an increase of 43.33%. Revenues of 196 million Chinese business, down 17.53%. After years of development, Kangen Bei has grown to the development, production, Sell As one of the listed company, the business covers Chinese herbal medicine, chemical raw and preparation, health care Food Three areas.

On a good performance in 2009, Kangen Bei Hu Jiqiang of chairman, while benefiting from the medical reform in 2009, through the advance planning, and actively respond to business opportunities in medical reform, to ensure the forefront of its leading products, including health and other leading products a total of 49 species into the first National Essential Drugs List, “was selected essential medicines list, but also the forefront of the company’s future health as well as create the conditions to achieve breakthrough growth.”

“With the advantage of medical reform, Kangen Bei is a breakthrough marketing and sales of the bottleneck, a new development opportunity.” Hu Jiqiang introduced the company’s sales channel by optimizing the business, with a strong chain termination depth Cooperation So, substantial growth in 2009, 41% self-employed sales, annual sales income is reaching record highs.

Hu Jiqiang also pointed out that the growth performance in 2009, on the other hand also because of holdings of Jiangxi days Shi Kang Chinese stock companies, “Health facilities through the holdings of days, but also further enhance the core business of botanical Kangen Bei development potential. “

Reference Yunnanbaiyao sprint 19 million target in 2010
On Kangen Bei’s clear positioning of existing brands to develop sales goals, business objectives for 2010 were planning: plan to achieve revenue of 1.9 billion yuan, total profit of 170 million yuan; this objective corresponds to 1.406 billion yuan in 2009, projected revenue growth of 35% or so.

How to achieve the goal of 1.9 billion?

Business Kangen Bei 20 years, Kangen Bei Hu Jiqiang on how to build a “Chinese herbal medicine first enterprise”, has its own clear thinking and strategic planning.

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