Keeping Rapid Weight Loss Going


In the early days of any diet program, losing weight is easy. The pounds seem to just melt off and the numbers on the scale drop quickly. After the first couple of weeks, things begin to slow down and weight loss seems to screech to a halt. This can be frustrating and aggravating to see your rapid weight loss end, but there are some things that you can do to keep the numbers on the scale moving in the right direction.

Add extra exercise

The more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose. Adding in some extra exercise to your daily routine can be just the ticket when weight loss has stalled. Change up your workouts to include a variety of activities for maximum effects.

Drink more water

Water can help you to feel fuller between meals, plus prevent overeating when you sit down to eat. Drink several glasses a day to help flush fat and toxins from your body, and boost weight loss. You will feel better and will not have wasted calories on unhealthy sweetened drinks.

Eat more often

This may sound like it would be counterproductive to shedding extra weight, but in fact, smaller, more frequent meals can help to boost the metabolism and keep the pounds dropping off. Rather than three large meals a day, aim for six smaller meals, that stay within your caloric limitations to keep your metabolism charged.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Remember that much of the weight lost in the first week or so of weight loss is water weight. You can only lose this once, so do not expect to lose five or ten pounds each week for a long period. On average, people usually lose one to two pounds per week with a proper diet and exercise plan.

Extreme rapid weight loss is never healthy for anyone, at least not on a long term basis. Researchers have said that those who lose weight too quickly are much more likely to gain it back over time. Keep that in mind when the numbers start to slow a bit, and as long as you are doing everything possible to support healthy weight loss, you will soon reach your goals.

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