Keri Russell ~ Women’s Health May 2013

Keri Russell ~ Women’s Health May 2013

Making of de la sesión de fotos de la actriz Keri Russell para la portada de la revista Women’s Health en su edición de Mayo de 2013.

Keri Russell bares her fabulous abs on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s May 2013 issue.

Here’s what the 37-year-old The Americans star had to share with the mag:

On living in New York: “My number one healthy tip? Everyone should dance more. Everyone should walk more. I mean that’s one of the great things about living in Brooklyn and in New York. You get to eat a big rich fatty meal but then you can walk home.”

On changes as she ages: “I’m not a complainer about age. I think my girlfriends all look so much better now than they did 15 years ago. But the thing I notice most is my butt. I used to have a really good, plump butt. Ugh-now my butt’s gone. I do wish I had my 25-year-old butt!”

On balancing motherhood and acting: “It’s tough. I try to quell my guilt by saying I’m a better mom if I’m interested in my own life. I’m not resentful. I can be really engaged when I am there. I like the yin and yang of both worlds, and I think it would be hard for me to give up either one.”

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