Kidney Stones in Women


Kidney stones in females are less common compared to kidney stone in males. However, these previous years, kidney stones in females have been increasing in number due to the fact that numerous people, both women and men, have inadequate dietary routines. Nowadays the approach people live their lives have as well taken a toll on their eating habits, especially to girls.

During menstruation ladies feel pain in their lower abdomen which typically they believe is a regular occurrence of monthly period. However you can find circumstances that girls overlook this discomfort as a symptom of kidney stones. It is roughly not possible to tell the difference between the pain a result of monthly periods along with the pain caused by kidney stones. When the pain is pursued by urinary grievances, high fever, vomiting and nausea, then it is significant to have yourself examined to be able to identify if this is with regards to menstruation or kidney stones. If the abdominal pain lasts longer than 24 hours after the end of the menstrual cycle, you should have it checked by a doctor to determine if it’s kidney stones or otherwise.

Quite often, around 80 percent of the time, kidney stones are composed of calcium stones. Calcium is something that is taken in by girls or contained in their diet plan to prevent other diseases from taking place within their bodies. Nevertheless, this boosts the likelihood of girls to develop kidney stones.

It hasn’t been agreed upon yet by all physicians and dieticians, however women have higher probabilities of getting struvite stones, another type of kidney stones. This type of kidney stones is caused by the girl having persistent urinary tract infections. Struvite stones are severe because they can damage the kidney because of the greater sizes that they form when compared with calcium stones.

If the female is experiencing recurring pain within the stomach area, it should be reported to a doctor given that kidney stones and monthly periods are not the only things which can cause these aches. It is safer to have it looked quickly for early diagnosis and treatment.

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