Kiss Stress Goodbye!

By 8.zebra on 2012-04-15 22:23:18

Stress is recognized as the number one killer today. The American Medical Association has stated that stress is the cause of 80-85% of all human illness and disease. Goodness! We had better learn to do something about it.

I have found that I and others I speak to experience the most stress when we’re not taking action, we’re tired, and we feel overwhelmed. So, it makes sense that to cure stress we need to take the right kinds of action, be rested, take good care of ourselves, and figure out ways to NOT feel overwhelmed.  

Not taking action: The next time you feel stress and anxiety don’t push yourself harder, stop. Ask yourself “What is just one thing I can do?” We can always come up with one thing. But the key is to not look at the whole picture but just focus in on one project and do one thing. Try this. You’ll be amazed at how your stress evaporates when you take action.  

Feeling tired: This is a personal thing. Are you feeling tired because you’re burning the candle at both ends or is it a physical issue? If you’re not taking enough time for rest and relaxation you have to put this in your schedule. I’ve never seen a tombstone that said “I wish I had worked more.”   If it’s a physical issue call your doctor now and schedule a physical. Last fall/winter I was having horrible sleep issues and finally saw my doctor and she got me the help I needed and turned my sleeping issues totally around. I can’t tell you how much better I feel when I wake up rested. And, how much less stress I feel.  

Feeling overwhelmed: When I ask my speaking audiences what they do when they feel overwhelmed the 100% response is – NOTHING! And, when we’re not taking action we feel stress.   I have a great system I call the 7 Steps to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed which is outlined in my book “Organize with Confidence”. It works when getting organized and it works when you feel overwhelmed about anything.  

Step 1:  Set a date. If things are too hectic at the time look at your calendar and set a date/time to think about the problem that you are overwhelmed over.  

Step 2: Identify what’s bothering you. On that date/time sit down in a quiet place and think about what you’re feeling overwhelmed about. Write everything down about the project.  

Step 3: Prioritize. Now that you have it down on paper you can prioritize the steps to take. You can’t do that when it’s all in your head.  

Step 4:  Choose a date. Choose a date to tackle the first priority.  

Step 5:  Get ready to take action. Write down what you need to take care of that first priority. Everything! Any supplies or names or people to talk to about it.  

Step 6: Do it. On the date you chose in Step 4 start tackling the project.  

Step 7: Relax, reward, and repeat. Great job! You’ve started working on what was overwhelming you and I promise it feels great. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a reward for what you’ve done, and move on the next priority in this project.  

It may be that you do steps 1-6 at one time. I’ve seen it happen many times. Once you start taking action it feels so great you’re going to want to keep going.   Start taking action, get the rest and relaxation you need, and watch the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed out vanish!   

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