Know Exactly The Difference Between Men Eyeglasses And Women Eyeglasses

.tags Although many people in modern time wear glasses for different purposes, they may not notice the difference between men and women eyeglasses. Both of them have the basic features of glasses, but they are completely different when mentioning the details. The following passage will make you know the difference between them. You may feel surprised that they have so many differences.

First of all, the most important difference lies in the size of eyeglasses frames. Generally, men are much stronger than women and they have much larger bone structure and heads. Therefore, their sizes need to be larger. And men eyeglasses tend to have a longer bridge and sometimes even longer temples. If you are looking at mens eyeglasses, they are much wider than women glasses. You neednt worry about your frames size, they can resize depending on your face shape.

Then color is another difference between women and men eyeglasses. Usually, men like to choose glasses in traditional colors like brown, black, gray, steel, and dark blue. However, women have more choices when it comes to the colors of their frames. Besides the common colors, they give special favor to colorful eyeglasses. Any color you can imagine will be found in the current eyeglasses market.

Moreover, the shape of the frames differentiates mens and womens eyeglasses. The frames on mens options may be much larger than those of womens options. Men tend to go for square or rectangle type eyeglasses whereas women usually invest in rounder options. Still, the current trends for both men and women are for angular type eyeglasses. Nowadays, there are more and more eyeglasses that are made to fit both men and women. Thus, people will have more choices then before.

Though they have some difference, you will find the right one if you choose based on your face shape, skin tone and size. You should spend more time picking out eyeglasses and try as many pairs as possible. Only the comparison can you know which one is better.

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