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By Ignacio Sanz on 2009-07-05 14:49:21

The name ‘Kumaara’ is derived from ‘youth’ in Sanskrit, which was the prime language in ancient India. It combines the secrets of nature such as the Indian Gooseberry. The Blue Passion Flower from Kashmir, the Sunset Hibiscus from Nepal, the Goji berry from Tibet and the Acai Berry.

The Kumaara Skin Repair Cream includes two products to protect and revitalize the skin. The first half of it is the Daily Antioxidant Protection. This is a formula with SPF 15 to protect the skin against the harmful and damaging UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun. It has a rich and certified blend of the extracts of Goji berry Indian gooseberry and acai berry. This combination of extracts of berries protects the skin from radical damage, while also restoring it naturally. It also contains an ingredient called Linefactor that helps improve density, firmness, texture, radiance and elasticity of skin.

The second half is the Kumaara Overnight Repair Complex. This product provides recovery and rejuvenation of the skin during the night time. Its hydrating formula smoothens and firms the skin. This product contains a combination of Dermaxyl, Linefactor and Sepilift. This combination reduces visible lines and wrinkles, even the finest ones. Olegogeline is also used in this complex to protect the skin by sealing its moisture so that the tone, texture and radiance of the skin is improved. All of this happens while you are in bed.

This is an effective and efficient beauty ritual that works synergistically in mornings and evenings to reducing any visible signs of aging, repair and prevent damage to the skin from the harsh sun rays, giving you smooth skin with improved texture, firmness, radiance and elasticity. Together the natural and scientific ingredients combine to create a perfect blend in order to promote healthy, firm and younger-looking skin.

This formula does little o no harm to our delicate and precious skin and has shown wonderful results. It gives your face the glow that you have always wanted but were unable to achieve. After using Kumaara, the lives of hundreds of people have changed completely. Kumaara works on your skin to make you irresistible. It has the most apt and amazing combination of nature and science that has passed the test of time and has emerged as a boon to ageing women. Kumaara Free Trial is available where you can try the product and see if it really wrks for you.


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