Labour Workshops


In this day and age where workers rights are always in the spotlight, employers need to protect employees as well as themselves or as face financial penalties. Labour Guide offers a multitude of different aspects ranging from employment law, retrenchment, work health and safety, CCMA and workshop incident, case law updates and regulations courses. All of their labour workshops and courses is highly regarded in the industry and enjoys industry recognized and endorsed esteem.


All of Labour Guide’s labour workshops enjoy high esteem and recognition within the industry due to their cutting edge and relevant information and state of the art presentation. One of their more popular workshops, namely the Management workshop, deals extensively with the following subject matter: Absenteeism, poor work performance, dismissal for conduct fair reasons for dismissal, disciplinary procedures prior to dismissal, company Policies, procedures and regulations, among many other relevant subjects. This workshop is aimed at HR managers, supervisors and administrators who deal with subordinates on a daily basis.


All these courses and their specific modules are designed for all employers, trade union representatives and officials. These courses are designed for an uninformed management to receive the necessary training to manage their staffs properly. This therefore allows for a valuable investment in which your organization can work at its best, without any unnessecary outside distractions.


Labour Guide is an expert on all South African labour rights, and assist hundreds of employers and employees with the use of labour workshops nationally each year in order for them to stay current and up to date with the latest developments in employment legislation and case law. All of Labour Guides courses and workshops are fully compliant and endorsed by the South African Board for Personnel Practice, or SABPP for short, as well as the ETQA. Visit their user friendly website for all the info you will need to reach an informed and well educated decision.

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