Lady Gaga Costumes For Halloween


Lady Gaga Halloween costume ideas are the talk of mainstream media right now as many young ladies are thinking about wearing the Lady Gaga meat dress along with the meat hat and boots for Halloween on October 31st. This is one of the most common 2010 Halloween costume ideas as Lady Gaga is one of the most popular stars in America today. It is also the case that she appeals to many young females and this is the exact demographic that loves to enjoy Halloween.

It’s never easy to run out of ideas if you want to dress up like Lady Gaga. Remember, anything simple and toned down is not her. Outrageous is the key!

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As soon as Lady Gaga started her career, she became noted for never wearing pants. As an alternative, she decided on leotards, lengthy blonde wigs as well as completely unique huge sunglasses. This is actually the most common Gaga appearance, so the major costume designers have developed quite a few outfits to accommodate this particular style.

The main thing about her costumes is that a headgear is always present. Weird, big, and oddly shaped headpieces are worn by Lady Gaga almost with every dress. Her hair is usually a wig, brightly colored and of varying lengths. You do not have to get a wig, just work with the length you have to make a hairstyle like her. Her makeup is all about loud eyes and nude lips. Her eyes have lots of fake lashes and heavy glitter. Body art is all over and lots of stickers complete her look. High heels is another style typical of Lady Gaga. Big heels in various colors, and odd shapes is the true Lady Gaga look. Finally, the eye wear. Her huge shades in bold colors are very popular. Wear bling frames with dark hues to get the complete Lady Gaga Halloween costume.

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Accessorize for the Full Effect
Lady Gaga is well-known for wearing many interesting and unique accessories along with her interesting outfits, so you should do the same. Buying a Gaga costume means you’ll look similar to her, but adding accessories will make you look identical to her, which could be quite interesting considering how popular she is, and how many people will likely mistaken you for her.

The Red lace Lady Gaga wore for the MTV award acceptance speech raised many eyebrows but was less wilder than her other dresses. Shiny leotards are Lady Gaga’s style. The Pokerface look of Gaga is by far the best, by popular appeal. You can get the lightening for your face pretty easily. The sparkly mask and the spandex unitards and the gloves complete the costume.

Price: $ 10.69 (Retail $ 11.00)
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The outfits are available in many sizes and you can find the size fit for you at a store. Try high heels and lots of rings and stones for the jewelry. The bow and the hairdos are definitely her style.

Leather is used by Lady Gaga very often and you might want to cut out a wacky costume by yourself to make your own dress. Her costumes are never complete without big overly sized goggles. With large painted nails in bright colors and lips with a nude shade looks great with the dresses.

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