Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery – Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery – Bariatric Weight Loss Surger


Doctors say regular exercise and eating right are the best ways to lose that extra weight. But most of the people have tried it for years but are still far from hope. Surgery is a gift in disguise for people like this. Morbid obesity is becoming a major health problem in India. Cancer, heart diseases and diabetes are majorly concerned diseases for people who are obese. If a patient’s body mass index is over 30 plus then it is likely to suffer with serious medical problems like hypertension, cholesterol, etc. Weight loss surgery in India is becoming more common being it the last option as it is most effective if chosen and implemented properly. Indian economy is growing rapidly and so is their lifestyle. People are becoming fatter day by day because of a dramatic change in eating habits. Weight loss surgeries were very common in western countries and due to lower costs India has emerged as one of the leading destination to perform weight loss procedures. Numerous Indian born physicians and surgeons trained and experienced in US and UK have returned to India. Over the years, technical advancement in modern laparoscopic equipments has given a limelight to the Indian surgeons. Over weight people are unable to lose those extra pounds with proper diet and exercise. Bariatric weight loss surgery is a process of limiting the amount of food one takes in. Some operations even restrict the amount of food one can digest. Thus, after surgery one can lose weight very quickly. However, it is necessary to consult the doctor properly to avoid risks and complications which includes infections, hernia, and blood clots. Another method is Laparoscopic weight loss surgery which requires much smaller incisions compared to traditional abdominal surgery. Patients have less pain and scarring post surgery and recover more quickly. It also has a reduced risk of developing hernia. Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery is the second most common and is safest weight loss surgery. It leads to loss of about 40% of excess weight, on average. After surgery a person gets a tendency to feel full with less intake of food and hence loses weight easily. Laparoscopic gastric band surgery does not do any interference with food absorption and thus vitamin deficiencies are rare to occur. India having a good medical care is becoming a leading choice for people to get their surgeries done here. Weight loss surgery in India with its low cost advantage has a wider appeal to the flocking medical tourists and being culturally rich it offers many healthy spots to recuperate in peace. Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery is the most common followed by Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery and helps in reducing the incidence of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and infertility.

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