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There are lot of advancement in the day-to-day laptop market. Manufactures struggle to compete for giving their best. Current scenario requires cost effective and advanced technologies inbuilt laptops. Some of the big names in laptop manufactures are dell, lenova, Acer, hp and so on. Here in this article we can discuss some of the advanced laptop technologies and its features.

The latest laptops are now available with 3D screen. Surely it is exiting to watch movies or play games in three dimensions. In that way it is going to be the laptops of future. It uses the technology called TRIDEF 3D, this technology includes the following three basic components 3D screen, glasses and software. The screen and glasses are designed specifically to deliver 3D effect. It can also translate normal two dimension media content into a three dimension one. This gives the users a unique experience not only for viewing the developed media but also standard pictures and the last generation games.

A special type of film is coated in the HD screen which allows rendering stereoscopically images to the users while they wear 3D polarised glasses. The software (TRIDEF) includes a media player which can display anything starting from pictures to video. It has an inbuilt ignition tool which can convert programs of all type in the platform based on directx9 and above version. The important thing is there is no need of additional graphics card. These laptops can be used as a traditional one also. There is a switching available where the user can toggle between normal 2D modes to 3D mode. Other additional features of these laptops are high-resolution webcam, 2 touch buttons used for quick backup of file, multi-gesture touchpad along with lock buttons. This is used to prevent input given accidentally. The power consumption for these laptops are less.

The stereoscopy technology will thrill the hardcore gamers and make them fancy towards this technology. There are no differences fundamentally between older games and3D games. Hence why, there is not a necessary of special programming to the older version. The display should have image refresh rate as 120 hertz for spatial depictions. This system is relatively expensive too, as we need special glasses and polarised display to get the best three dimension experience.
The next interesting thing to discuss is about tablets, a tablet is nothing but a portable form of PC with a touch screen as a primitive input device. It is designed to be owned and operated by an individual. The primitive difference is that tablet is not equipped with input devices such as keyboard. It uses touch technology; they provide a visual keyboard on screen as a substitute for getting input from the user. They have wireless adapters for internet as well as LAN connections. The tablet Software applications includes a range of applications such as web browser, games and office suites. Many companies are seemed to be showing interest in manufacturing tablets. These are the good news for laptop lovers and we are head of an exciting era.

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