Learn or decay


Learn or Decay

There is a cure for aging, sickness, boredom, routine which no one talks about. It is called learning. As long as we are alive, we need to learn something new each day, stretch our personal frontiers and improve the way we think. By doing so, we cannot grow old. Aging happens only to people who lose their lust for getting better and disconnect from their natural base of enthusiasm & curiosity. Learning is a continuous & on going process.


“Every three or four years I pick a new subject. It may be Japanese art; it may be economics. Three years of study are by no means enough to master a subject but they are enough to understand it. So for more than 60 years I have kept studying one subject at a time,” said PETER DRUCKER, the father of modern management who lived until he was 95.


Shimon Peres the former Israeli Prime Minister spends most of his weekends reading great books. He says books are my constant companions. He has stated in one of his conversation with an eminent author / thinker / writer that “If you eat three times a day, you’ll be fed. But if you read three times a day you’ll be wise.”


Too many people never pick up a book after they have finished with their school or management studies. Too many of us spend a lot of our time watching TV than getting deep inside the minds of the greatest people who have walked the planet. Too many people have closed their minds to new insights and powerful thoughts. One idea discovered in one book could transform the way we communicate with people. One idea found in book could help us to live longer or happier or drive our business to remarkable and amazing success. NEVER LEAVE HOMW WITHOUT A BOOK IN HAND.


The strategy is: If you are traveling hear a CD or a CASSETTE and if you are stationed read a book. Your life will not be same.


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