Learn Spanish Watching Hispanic Soap Operas – Using the Closed Caption to Help You Learn Spanish


Learning Spanish while watching Spanish soap operas might not be the most traditional or conventional method of leaning a language but it’s still an alternative option none the less. Most TVs have the option to use closed captioning and many of them now have several different languages to choose from. While immersion, online interactive software, and the classroom are probably going to be more efficient you can still get a general idea from watching and translating Spanish soap operas.

The reason this works so good is because there might be dozens of soap operas but they are all basically the same. This means that following along with the story is the stereotypical he’s sleeping with her and she’s cheating on him storyline. Let’s face it, soap operas are not very original and they move super-slow so keeping up is not going to be a problem.

I have met hundreds of people that migrated from Europe and are now residing in the United States and they all say the same thing when I mention how good their English is; “I learn from watching television”. So I have come to the conclusion that anyone can do this. These were not rocket scientists I am talking about, we are talking every day ordinary, average Joes that took something we are all exposed to and turned it into a learning venture.

The Latino station alone is great to watch if you want to learn because as they talk you can watch the subtitles on the bottom and make word connections. Just being exposed to it will help the knowledge sink in even if only on a subconscious or subliminal level it will still embed the information into your brain just be seeing it over and over again. This can be a great thing to do while you run on a treadmill or elliptical because again just exposing your mind to it will help soak up the information. Most of us were not the greatest at our jobs the first day we walked in but over time with repetition we got increasingly better. Learning with Spanish soap operas can be done the same way.

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