Leicester Transportation For Today’s Needs

.tags Even for car owners, sometimes transportation alternatives are necessary. If your car’s at the mechanic’s, if you need a ride to the airport, or if you simply don’t want to deal with parking, it’s great to have other options. You can catch rides with friends, if they’re available, or use public transportation. But sometimes public transport doesn’t meet your schedule. It’s usually easy enough to hail a taxi, but there’s no guarantee one will be around when you need it. What Leicester needs is a new way of thinking about transport in and around the city.

One of the latest transportation options for on-demand service and airport transportation is this new taxi concept. With this type of transportation, you have the convenience of a personal car whenever you need it, plus you pay fixed rates rather than metered rates you would have in a regular taxi. Transportation is available for up to 8 passengers, and rates for journeys are fixed in advance, so there’s no question about whether you’ll be able to pay the fare. If you need a ride to the airport to go on holiday, there is simply no option that is as simple and stress-free.

The way this on-demand system works is that members set up an account that is matched to their mobile phone (or multiple mobile phones if they want). Transportation can be ordered at any time, or it can be booked in advance. All dispatches are done by computer, and you can use specific keywords to be picked up at numerous predetermined locations in Leicester. Better still, you can set up custom pick-up locations by number that are associated with your mobile number. So, for example, if you were to program your office address as “1” you would simply text 1 to the service and a taxi would be dispatched to your office. It’s the ultimate in convenience.

For an airport taxi Leicester residents can absolutely count on, this new taxi concept can’t be beat. Whether you need a car or a mini-bus for up to 8, you get a fixed price for transport to any airport. You’re driven in recent model vehicles, by uniformed drivers who know the routes and have GPS systems so that they can easily find alternate routes if necessary. The service can be arranged for any hour of any day, and there is no less stressful way of getting to the airport on time.

They are a fleet of Leicester taxis driven by professionals, all of whom undergo criminal background checks and all of whom have earned a Taxi Drivers Badge. The vehicles are all smoke-free, and are faithfully maintained by the company’s mechanics. Additionally, the fleet is extensive enough that substitutions can be made at a moment’s notice. In other words, you’ll have no worries about getting prompt service.

Whether you have your own car or not, this new transportation option is a great way to get around Leicester or get to and from an airport. Unlike public transport, these Taxis conform to your schedule rather than the other way round. And all the worries about petrol, parking, and vehicle maintenance belong to the company, so you can ride care free.

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