Let Your Doll Flaunt Her Clothes On The Runway

.tags Psychologists say kids like dolls because of their feminine value. It makes them feel like a grown-up lady. Young girls feed, nurture, and take care of dolls. It enriches their value of responsibility and dependability. They act like a mother, sister, and friend to them. They give them names, assign status, and relate them with other dolls. Young girls treat their dolls like a real human being. Dolls are girls best friends.
Because of these, they buy clothes for their dolls. There are several doll clothes on the market. They have various styles and designs. Inasmuch as size and height of dolls vary, doll clothes have different sizes. There are extra large clothes for 15 to 18 dolls. There are also small-sized dresses, jeans, and blouses for petites. Doll clothe manufacturers assess the maximum, minimum, and mean size of dolls. They use these as bases for manufacturing doll garments.
Doll clothes, like ordinary human clothes, need proper care and maintenance. They discolor, loosen up, and crease when they are poorly cleaned and maintained. Doll manufacturers recommend fabric-friendly detergents in washing doll clothes. Fabric-friendly detergents remove stains without causing discoloration. Similarly, assess whether or not their fabric is washable. Extremely sensitive fabrics like silk and lace require occasional to intermittent washing.
Moreover, wash doll clothes separately from human clothes. Do not mix them with hefty and large pieces of clothing. Ideally, American girl doll clothes are hand-washed. They are small pieces of garments; they might get caught on machine propellers and holes. If you are going to wash them in washing machines, enclose them in a fish net, mesh bag, or sealable pillow case. This prevents loosening of fabric and seams. Separate white-colored clothes from heavily-dyed garments to avoid bleaching.
Aside from these, remove buttons, sequins, and heavy adornments before washing dresses. Hanging decorations may pull apart from American girl doll clothes. This clutters style and fashion statement of your doll. Reattach beads and decors on garments after washing clothes. If a dress has too many beads, keep them in a glass box or frame. This way, you keep them away from dust and dirt.
You treat your doll as your own sister and playmate. Therefore, you always want to give the best for her. Keep your American girl dolls clothes properly cared for, and let your doll flaunt her style on the runway.

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