Leucoderma’ not a Curse; Can be Cured with ‘Ayurveda’


The disease is charterised by the formation of white patches on the skin. The problem usually starts with the small white spot, which soon spreads into patches. These patches are pale in the beginning but become whiter with the loss of melanin pigments. There is no pain, itching etc but the afflicted persons feel social ‘stigma’ and mental agony as it is exposed with cosmetic effects. The disease has become a most complicated social skin disease in India and all over world.

Even today, in the age of modern medicine, when  many new effective treatments are available, these patients suffer social embarrassment, find it difficult to get married, have difficulty getting proper jobs and undergo untold misery. Depressed and frustrated, they tend to seek isolation. All this for a disease which causes no bodily harm except change of color and which can be treated effectively if help is sought at early stage!

The Primary Causes of Leucoderma are mental worry; chronic or acute gastric disorders impair hepatic functions, hereditary, typhoid, worm infestation, defective perspiration mechanism and bum injuries.

In Ayurveda Leucoderma / Vitiligo is compared with “SWITRAM” and is a disorder involving ‘Brajaka Pittam’. Causes according to Ayurveda are: Bad or unholy deeds in the past; improper social behavior like insulting teachers, saints and elders etc; consumption of viruddha ahara, paniya; ahithakara and asatmya ahara (Consumption of Incompatible foods); In Females due to hormonal disturbances during Menopausal age groups.

Switram has been included under ‘Rakthaja roga’ according to ‘Charaka’, hence all ‘Raktha Shodana’ measures like Virechana (Purgation), Langhanam (Upavasa), Raktha Mokshana (Blood Letting) should be carried out according to the condition of the patient. First Samshodanam (Purificatory Procedures) and then Samshemana Chikitsa (Palliative Treatments) have to be followed. Kushtahara Chikitsa has to be done.

Patients need full support, understanding, sympathy and cooperation of the family. Often the patients suffer from an inferiority complex about their diseases and face uncomfortable questions, which leave them depressed and even socially isolated. Patients should be encouraged to engage in their day-today activities without any inhibition.

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