Libra Boyfriend and Relationship

The Party Wall
Charles Dana Gibson (American illustrator, 1867-1944)
1903 pen and ink on paper
illustration for Collier’s Weekly; published in the artist’s collection The Weaker Sex (1903)

By MCAD Library on 2010-03-07 18:10:03

You have found a boy friend and he is a Libra and you really like him. You are now wondering how to keep him interested in you. He is very nice but you don’t know him all that well yet, so how do you find the way to his heart?

Libra is the star sign which rules relationships and this man loves to be in a partnership so it will not be too hard to win him over. Libra is also an air sign and the way to this mans heart will be through his mind. It will be important for you to increase and develop this aspect of yourself in order to get to know him well

Like most air signs he will appreciate an interesting conversation and that is the way that you can connect emotional with him and allow him to take a deeper look into the uniqueness of your soul. It is important to be honest about your own feelings and not get caught up in your boyfriend emotions just to please him that will not work in the long run.

Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty and love and although they enjoy beauty it is not necessarily the only thing he looks for in a woman. This man enjoys harmony in all areas of his life. When he chooses something for the beauty it will have to have harmonizing colours or designs to fit into his surroundings because he wants balance in his world.

And for the woman in his life he will appreciate her inner beauty which he will discover in you when you open up about your own true feelings. He will soon notice if you are trying to manipulate him or putting on an act just to please him. This will destroy any love or affection he may have for you.

Your Libra boyfriend is really not that hard to get on with, just be yourself and be true to your emotions and remember it is through his mind that you will get to his heart and he will fall I love with you.

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