Life after Extramarital Affairs


Is there a life after extramarital affairs? The whole world seems to be on your shoulders and the once happy life is being replaced with gloomy and lifeless days, but yes, there is still hope once this tragedy subsided. Read on.
People get married to the person they thought will love them forever. On the contrary, many of these married couples will be shaken by betrayals brought about by extramarital affairs. Whether it’s an emotional or sexual need, the cheating spouse would usually think that this particular need is unmet within the relationship. Before you know it, a full-blown affair is now creeping.
Extramarital affairs can last for a few days to years. While each situation is unique to the other, it could only mean one thing – the marriage is at stake or slowly dying. Nevertheless, people who engage in such relationships would never want to end their marriage in the first place, a hope we can bank on to survive this forbidden intimacy.
It takes dedication and willpower to revive the shattered trust. If your partner is serious, the best way to start is to end all communication that binds them together. If it’s a co-worker, then finding employment elsewhere is one logical solution.
Next, is to seek help from a professional counselor to determine which part in your relationship has led the two of you into this depressing situation. This is important for the healing process to start and succeed. It’s going to be a rough road but not impossible to achieve.
The innocent spouse will have mixed emotions from guilt, self-worth, immense heartache and pain, and distrust to name a few. However, this is only typical and will soon be gone. There comes a time that the sun will rise again and shines for a better future.
The cheating spouse has to take his or her own ride as well. The guilt of breaking the marriage vows, destroying the trust of the family, hurting the partner and causing severe pain to all parties involved. Not to mention that admitting such act is a pill that is hard to swallow in front of the family and friends, but apparently need to be done.
Statistically, marriages shattered by such affairs need at least three years to recover completely. Afterwards, a stronger and better bond follows. Marriages do survive after illicit affairs but will never be the same. Love, trust, faith, and hope will soon rise in due time.
Forgive, forget and move on are the only ways for a marriage to work once more. Images will fade soon, though keeps popping time and again, but this is normal. Don’t let this discourage you and strive to be faithful by promising yourself never to engage in any extramarital affairs again.

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