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By Coventry City Council on 2012-10-13 14:16:40
What is happiness? I think different people will make different answers. I still remember a film The Pursuit of Happiness – starred by Will Smith which deeply touched me. The middle-aged father starred by Will Smith is down and out. His wife left him, his house was foreclosed and he even didnt have a shelter over his head. But I believe he is happy than most of us because he was still capable of deriving happiness despite his hapless circumstances. Indeed, happiness isnt something comes into our lives like streaming water. Instead, happiness is something we accumulate like petty rain drops. Oftentimes we heard people complaining that he is unhappy and grumbling that god is unfair to him as if he were the most miserable guy in the world. But I have to say, the reason why he feels unhappy isnt because happiness forsakes him but because he doesnt have an eye for happiness. As to me, happiness is out there knocking on everyones door to come in. what you have to do is just to let it in.
It is just that easy and simple. The reason why some people are happy is because they can find happiness from ordinary things. So if you want to be one who could find happiness, you have to cultivate such capabilities. I suggest you log on an online cool gadgets dealer to have a look. There on the website, there is a wide variety of lifestyle gadgets for you to choose. The gadgets in the category are all simple things which you might use in everyday life. There is no specialty about all these gadgets, but they are full of spice of life and are capable of making your life full of sunshine.
For example, we may take a look at this cute cow 2-LED flashlight keychain. It is really cute in figure and is a gift to be sent to your beloved girlfriend. She will surely like it. Still, the Super Mario mushroom ornament is also cute and lovely. You could flick it here and there on the desk and it will surely capture the interest of your kids. Or you may also take a look at the liquid soap dispenser which is in the shape of lovely Kitty. It can be a cute ornament in your room besides being a dispenser.
I cant name it all because the lifestyle gargets on are just innumerable. The best idea is logging on the website by yourself and finding the gadgets which bring you petty happiness.  

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