Lip Gloss and Lip Plumpers


In today’s modern world everyone is trying every way out to enhance their look and look smart and impress other people. And with every modern technique available in the market, the process is as simple as one two and three. Modern cosmetic surgeons have taken out every method to enhance every part of the body, so why should the lips stay behind.

Lip Plumper and Lip-Gloss are both cosmetics product used on the lips. Lip plumper’s are used by those with thinner lips who desire more fluffy and fuller lips that can enhance ones look and make them looks more beautiful.

Lip-gloss on the other hand is a product used primarily to give lips a mildly glossy luster and sometimes a subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid.

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While Lip Plumper’s typically work by irritating the skin, delicate skin of the lips with ingredients like menthol or camphor. This makes the lips swell slightly, which may also diminish the appearance of fine lines in that area which one would not want. The effect of lip plumper’s will last for a few hours depending on the brand you choose. Carefully apply the plumper on your lower lips with a soft brush. Wait for some time to get the plump look.

One can apply Lip Plumper one to three times per day. Begin with clean, dry lips. Apply a thin layer of Lip Plumper evenly onto both lips using the applicator tip to stay within your natural lip-line

The next step to make your lips look good by applying lipstick on plump lips. Depending on your complexion and occasion one must choose what best suits the face as well as the ensemble you are planning to wear.

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Like lipstick, lip gloss comes in various flavors and packing. Most lip-glosses are in the form of a gel but some companies do make a stick or pomade version. Regardless of the form, these products are all designed to give your lips a little shine and color and even if it goes into your mouth it doesn’t matter since it tastes good also.
The following steps of how to apply lip gloss will give you the best look:

• Choose a good quality lip-gloss such as Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon or Liplicious. Liplicious is good for girls that want some taste to their gloss.
• Using a mirror, apply a generous amount of lip-gloss onto the tip of the wand of the tube. If you don’t have that type of gloss, for example, in a lip gloss pot, use a special thin brush, if you have one.
• Lightly push out your lips and apply generously.
• Make sure you do not apply outside your lip line.
• Put your finger inside your mouth and pull it outward after applying. This will ensure no pink goo gets on your teeth.

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After using lip enhancement products one can surely enhance their look which will not only boost the confidence but also make one look more attractive.

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