Locksmith San Francisco

.tags Here it is, the nightmare of a day that youve been dreading: you just picked up the visuals for your big presentation and you were going to be on time, until you got to your car and realized that your keys are locked in, sitting on your dash. Now you know that youll be late because the dealership takes hours and sometimes days to cut a new laser key for your car. You may not be as bunked as you think: despite popular belief, you can get help in this case from a professional locksmith. San Francisco dealerships will claim up and down that theyre the only ones that can get you laser cut keys for your vehicle but thats simply not true. There are locksmiths in San Francisco that can easily accommodate you if youve been accidently locked out of your laser cut keyed vehicle. Even more expensive keys with transponder units can be cut and synchronized with your car given the services of a locksmith no further than San Francisco. Popular belief still holds that locksmithing is an old trade and that the industry standard is keys with teeth. While the standard may be traditional keys for houses, safes and file cabinets, locksmiths in San Francisco have kept pace with technology and have the technology to rekey laser cut keys, transponder keys, trunk keys and more all on the spot.

There are plenty of other services available through locksmiths in San Francisco, but getting locked out seems to be among the most popular reasons in general to call a locksmith. San Francisco locksmiths can service you with emergency services after being locked out of any kind of vehicle or home, however their services range broader than just 24 hour help. Commercial applications of locksmiths include installation, repair, and rekeying of locking mechanisms on a wide scale. If you need 200 high security locks installed throughout your office complex, theres a locksmith in San Francisco that can do it quickly and efficiently. Other corporate services that locksmiths can handle that are lesser known include the re-combination of a combo lock safe, the proper installation of an intercom or door bells system and of course the installation of either keypad locks or digital control card (like for hotel rooms) locks. For residences, intercom, doorbell and safe combination changes are still available through locksmiths in San Francisco though some other unique services are available for the homeowner as well. Decorative locks, mail box installation (with or without locks), dead bolt installation and more are all within the capacity of a good locksmith. San Francisco homeowners also may want different keys to offer different accesses in their home. A locksmith in the San Fran area can key your locks so that you as the homeowner have the skeleton key which opens all locks on the property but also they can craft keys that will work only for doors, or only for file cabinets. This way you can be sure your stuff is safe when leaving your keys to the kids or house sitter.

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