London Opera Tickets

.tags Most people think it is impossible to get London opera tickets at short notice. Why not think about using the internet to look for tickets for opera performances? Often these wonderful productions are only on stage for a short time and although it is recommended that you book well in advance, there are unsold tickets available the week or even the day before.

Booking on the internet is safe, easy, and convenient. You can search for the exact production that you want to see and book your tickets quickly and securely through a tried-and tested booking agency. You can reserve the exact seats you want. Choose a reputable agent that has a secure on-line booking system and is a full member of The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR).

A treat for the family would be a visit to one of the German fairytale operas that are staged at this time of the year like Hansel and Gretel. Opera productions are packed with delightful performances by experienced artistes and contain many memorable songs. The sets are lavish and glorious, with atmospheric music and wonderful characters. Most of the light musical operas have happy endings and as such have contemporary appeal to both young and old.

Londons opera scene is vibrant and attracts some of the best opera singers and world class orchestras from around the world that perform in top class venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. To be able to visit a London opera production is an opportunity not to be missed and is a privilege. Opera is really accessible these days, especially the contemporary productions. For those that prefer the traditional interpretations of opera there are offerings from German composers such as Wagner, whose operas are based on Germanic legends and the struggles of love and redemption. Look out for Mozarts later work, Die Zauberflote, which is coming to London in the first half of 2011.

If any of these are a little too heavy for your taste, there are lighter offerings. The original production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical extravaganza Phantom of the Opera opened on October 9th 1986 and is now in its 24th year. If you havent seen it yet, now is the time to remedy that, the music is classic. You can also take a package that includes either a meal before or after a show, or if you are an out-of-towner, you can take a complete package of dinner, a show and an overnight stay in a quality hotel in the theatre district. Make a whole weekend of it!

Dont let anyone tell you that London opera tickets are difficult to obtain or only for those in the know. Just click and book!

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