Longer Air Trips Are Better

short trip to Nikko
By tohu on 2008-10-28 15:10:50
tags It seems like a crazy idea that no-one could possibly believe, but I do honesty think that longer flights are much better and more enjoyable than short flights. Sure, I want every flight to be over the moment I step on the plane, but after going through so much just to get on a plane these day’s I want to get some real value for my time and travel great distances over many time zones rather than make a short journey that gives you no time for anything.

The worst is flights from Oakland to Los Angeles and flights of a similar a similar length. It seems that you’ve only been soaring at full altitude for a few minutes before the descent begins again. It is no time for air cabin crew to come around and deliver food and drinks, and certainly no time to get out the laptop and do a little work. You’re spending so much time ascending and descending that you are not permitted to use electronic devices for the vast majority of the flight.

A flight that is much more my cup of tea is something like the flights from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas or flights from Miami to Willemstad. These flights at least give you a chance to get something done on the flight, even that’s just to eat some terrible food and watch a bad movie that you were never going to see anyway. But it’s a better alternative than jumping on a flight, and through all the airport security hoops, only to just have to do it all an hour later.

On flights of such distances it makes much more sense and it’s much more environmental friendly to seek alternate forms of transportation other that flying, after all a huge amount of fuel is burned during the takeoff and landing portion of air travel.

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