Lose Belly Fat Now – The Health and Beauty Hazard


Women always want to look beautiful and attractive. It is a part of their nature to try to make an impression by looks and appearances on everyone they meet. However, excess weight and fat can create serious problems in their goal, especially after their 40s when most women develop a sort of inferiority complex which derives them to take drastic measures to look presentable in front of others.

It might not be just to please others and create an impression, but also to become satisfied with themselves. Most women feel confident when they are in proper shape because they feel themselves presentable to others, and thus are more confident of their appearance. However, it is only natural that with age fats start to accumulate in the body thus making it look sloppy and unappealing to others.

Therefore, women try their best to look as much in shape as possible, especially those women who want to wear stylish clothes with tight fittings. Summer is especially very problematic for such women, because summer clothes are generally thin with tight fittings making the body fat look more prominent, and thus a sense of insecurity develops in such women.

Belly fat is the most problematic of all as it is the most obvious and makes the entire body look highly unappealing and un-presentable. It not only makes the appearance sloppy, but is also a health hazard. Fats are very dangerous for the body where ever they start to accumulate. They create many health problems such as heart and liver problems, joint pains, diabetes etc.

There are generally two scenarios for accumulation of belly fat. Either it accumulates under the skin on top of the belly muscles, or it accumulates under the belly muscles. In the first case scenario, it is only displeasing to the eye and is no serious danger to health, however, in the second case scenario; it becomes very dangerous for health as well.

Fat accumulation under the belly muscles is dangerous because it starts to surround the internal organs and releases unwanted fatty acids in the blood stream which makes the blood thicker thus causing heart problems. It may also release enzymes and hormones which creates a misbalance in the natural metabolism of the body causing adverse effects on overall health.

This scenario is particularly dangerous for women over 40 years of age because the hormone misbalance in the body makes it difficult to lose the extra ugly looking body fat, and thus poses a continuous threat to health also. Generally, the dangerous under belly muscle fat is formed by irregular eating habits and lack of exercise.

Therefore, to ensure that such dangerous belly fat does not accumulate at a later stage, everyone should maintain a balanced healthy diet and do regular exercise to burn off that extra fat. This problem is found among both men and women; however, women are generally the most common victims of excess body fat, probably due to lack of exercise. Therefore, proper care should be taken in developing eating habits and regular exercise should be maintained. A little effort in your youth can save you from trouble at a later stage.

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