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One of the questions that Jim Fobair asks people, while he is in the prospecting process after exposing them to the business, is ‘are you serious’. This also applies to the lose weight Bios Life Slim business. Whatever your prospecting and marketing process is, be it a one on one presentation, a sizzle call, a video, a conference call and your prospect is at the point where they want to start their business marketing the product, Jim then asks them if they are serious about the aspect in themselves that the product will help them with, in their lives. For example, with the lose weight Bios Life Slim product one would ask the question whether the prospect is serious about losing weight and improving their blood sugar levels and lowering their cholesterol levels simultaneously.

Ask them how serious they are on a scale of one to ten and they will answer you as to how serious they are. This question always works in motivating people to use the product and join the respective network marketing business and is used extensively when marketing the lose weight Bios Life Slim product and business. This is very important because it gives you and the prospect the ‘ok’ that they want to start using the product and start marketing it to make money for themselves. Once that question has been answered, the next question and task should be for the person to make a list of one hundred names of people that they can contact to introduce the product and business to.

If the person becomes resistant to writing a list of at least one hundred names then you need to remind them that they said that they were serious about stating the business and making money. This tactic is used during the marketing of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product and business with good results. This then brings the person down to earth and they will eventually write the list of one hundred names of people they know to contact and introduce the product and network marketing business to. The skill is in getting those people to compile their list of at least one hundred names. Jim says that when he made his first six hundred and eighty dollars marketing the Herbalife product he got the people he spoke to, to introduce him to their friends or to their ‘warm market’.

People who want to lose weight and experience a good diabetes treatment as well as lowering cholesterol and would also like to work from home and create a regular monthly income from marketing the Bios Life Slim product to other people, need to visit this link lose weight and complete the market survey.

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