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Jim Fobair says that over and above the point guide and direct technique to be used as a distributor of a product during the network marketing process one should also follow the system that has been set up within your company. This applies to the marketing of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product as well. What distributors need to do is to point guide and direct people, who have chosen to market the product and make money, into the system of the company. There should always be a recruiting funnel process that the company teaches everybody who joins it. All the processes from the beginning should be followed, like the introduction interview, the presentation to the person, the follow up process and types of questions asked and so on.

Jim also states that people must also use the tools to direct people within the process to the next step of the process and to learn more about the product and the network marketing techniques. As is the procedure in the marketing of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product people are usually pointed to the company’s website and the many videos and voice recordings that are available to educate the new recruit to the product and the network marketing industry. One of the most powerful recruitment techniques is that of telling true stories. Information helps and the facts help but true stories about people help sell the product and the marketing of the product very successfully.

The stories should be about the product, about the income that people receive marketing and promoting the product, stories about how other people had adversity and then persevered though that adversity to eventually achieve success and many more. These types of stories have definitely lead to the success of the distribution of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product. Many distributors have lost the art of telling true stories and only regurgitate facts about the product and the network marketing industry which is good to do but is not as successful as telling true stories. Jim Fobair says that most distributors get lost in using the tools set up by the company because the tools are so effective and they forget about the greater impact that true stories have on people.

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