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Jim Fobair says that the best network marketing technique to use is to answer any question that prospects asks with a story. This is a technique that is widely used by distributors of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product. Testimonies and stories according to Jim are ninety percent, of the whole one on one or general live presentation, because they are so successful in that they get people to buy the product and then learn how to market it and turn their use of the product into a very profitable ongoing business. Stories are so successful because people can relate to and identify with them. Always tell a true story that is similar to what the prospect has experienced in their lives.

The bottom line or punch line in all the stories is that, if they can do it then the prospect can do it. Distributors of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product are taught to end their stories with these punch lines. Obviously all these stories have to be based on fact and true life happenings and are therefore believable. As an example there will always be distributors who contact their sponsors and state that they are having difficulty in getting people to buy their product and join the network marketing of the product. These distributors also say that they talk to hundreds of people and no one is interested in buying into the product and the business. Jim immediately knows what the problem is but then always asks the question back to these distributors which is ‘what are you talking about to the prospects’. Are you telling these stories? The fact is that one hundred percent of the time these struggling distributors are not telling true testimonials.

The mistake that these distributors are making, according to Jim, is that they are talking and talking and giving their opinions about things instead of telling stories and testimonials that are based on true life facts that actually happened to people. This is always stressed as very important when the distributors of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product are trained. If a distributor is conducting a home meeting, a product demonstration or a live hotel presentation, the most effective and successful thing that they can do at that meeting is to tell stories and repeat the testimonials. People will not remember the compensation plan of the business or the explanation about the ingredients of the product but they will remember the stories and testimonials that were told to them by the respective distributors.

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