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Another objection that prospects have when approached about marketing any product using many reliable and successful network marketing techniques is that they say that they haven’t got the time to do it. As with the lose weight Bios Life Slim product, people will buy the product themselves for their own use but then say that they do not have the time to market the product and make money for themselves. Jim Fobair says the way of answering that no time objection is to remind the prospect that they said that they were one hundred percent serious about changing their lives and their financial futures. Also show the prospect how they could set aside time during each day to attend to their network marketing business and the prospect usually agrees that they actually do have the time.

The next objection that is very common is that the prospect says that they are not the selling type. This is a common objection experienced by many distributors of the lose weight Bios Life Slim product. Jim says that here the distributor must answer by asking the prospect to explain in detail exactly what they want and why they attended the product and or marketing presentation. Whatever the prospects says they want to earn per month from marketing the product the distributor should say ‘that’s great’ and smile. The network marketing fundamental procedure is the same whether the prospect wants to make five hundred dollars extra a month or fifty thousand dollars extra per month.

Once that answer has been given to the client, Jim says that the distributor must immediately start telling a story or testimonial to the prospect about a person or people who are making the kind of extra money each month that the prospect wants to make. This is one of the techniques that is often used by lose weight Bios Life Slim distributors. Distributors must realise that they are not the issue and the presentation or discussion should not be about them at all, but only about the prospects needs, wants and desires. Jim says that the biggest challenge in building are very large network marketing down line or organisation and business is that it is difficult to realise that the more success you have along the way of building your own network marketing empire the more simple you need to keep the process of making that money by sticking to the basic fundamentals of network marketing at all times.

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