Tips for Losing Weight Fast

1. It is essential to drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of filtered water a day.  A filtered water system is inexpensive healthy water right from the tap.  Drink water from a glass. Plastic water bottles are associated with being improperly disposed of, and plastic bottles may contain toxic chemicals.  Tap water may be the least expensive, but may be unsafe with concerns of chlorine, contaminants and bacteria.  Water makes up over 70% of the body, and is an essential nutrient for regulating digestion and eliminating toxins.  Cold drinks lower the temperature in the stomach below what is needed for efficient digestion and should be avoided.  Water is the easiest way to maintain good health and to prevent disease and sickness.  Drink water or herbal tea with lemon. Lemon water flushes toxins from the body.  Squeezing the juice of a half to one lemon in a day is the best thing you can do for your health.  Lemon water is effective with the digestive system working better.  Fresh lemon juice is similar to our digestive enzymes. Although thought of as acidic, lemon water actually helps with digestive problems.  Digestive ailments such as indigestion, heartburn, acid stomach, acid reflux, constipation, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, belching, and stomach pain may be cured or improved.  Drink lemon water or herbal tea with lemon in the morning to alkalize the digestive tract and to produce bile for proper food digestion during the day.

2.   Foods should be eaten in as close to their natural state. No artificial anything.

3.   Eat three portion controlled meals a day.

4.   For breakfast – choose three of the following: one cup with skim milk of healthy

cereal or oatmeal, one boiled or poached egg, yogurt with acidophilus, fruit or juice.

5. For lunch – eat a small portion of protein about 4-6 oz. and a cup of any vegetable,

and one to two cups of leafy greens.

6. For dinner – eat a small portion of protein about 4-6 oz. and a cup of any vegetable,

and one to two cups of leafy greens.

7. Use natural seasoning and herbs.  Use olive oil and vinegar.

8. Choose fresh or frozen with no added ingredients.  Frozen fruits and vegetables can be as good or better, since they are picked, and frozen immediately.  If you can afford to purchase organic, the health benefits are greater.

9. Use a two week intestinal cleanse.  Intestinal cleansing using natural herbs will help the body heal health problems which are often related to the colon.  Cleansing the colon will rid the body of accumulated harmful substances.

10. Exercise at least a half hour a day.  Regular activity can improve the way you look and feel.  Along with the correct diet, regular activity can help maintain a healthy weight.

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