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If you are looking for that ‘Golden Secret’, that ‘Magic Pill’ that will shed the pounds and make you look a million dollars then look no further. Let me tell you right now that there is isn’t one. Stop wasting your precious time and energy in looking for that silver bullet like I used to do. Instead I urge you to focus on the fundamentals. The human body is a complex organism and we already know the main factors which control weight. All we really need is some help to focus our mind and energy into making the right decisions about food and exercise.

Let me tell you that there is NO secret to lose weight starting now. Anyone can do it! Yes, it does take some time and effort but so does everything in life worth living for right? It takes a bit of hard work and focus. The only way to lose that weight and keep it off is to focus on doing the right things that actually make a difference and keep doing them day in day out. Then the results you are looking for will surely come. It’s that easy!

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The Fundamentals – In order to lose weight just stick to these basic rules:

1. Watch what you eat: Eat foods which are as close as possible to their natural state. Lots of fruits and vegetables. When you go to the supermarket and pick up any of those packaged ready made meals just have a look at the ingredients. If the list goes off the page and you don’t even understand what it means then stay away from those foods. Where there are a few simple ingredients these will be best for you.

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2. Watch how much you eat: You should eat only when you are hungry. Many of us have lost our ability to pick up on our bodies ‘I am full’ signals. Hence the best way to know if you are hungry is to first drink some water. Then wait a bit and see if you are still hungry.

3. Drink more water: Okay, what I want to encourage is that you cut down on all those sugary soft drinks which are nothing more then water+sugar and replace this water pure and simple water. Did you know that our bodies contain around 70% water and we need to replenish our internal water to keep the body refreshed. You should aim to drink more water. Around 2 litres per day.

4. Regular Exercise: if you really want to accelerate your weight loss then you need to do some regular exercise. Just pick something you enjoy and do it for 30 mins per day minimum. Variety is also the spice of life so to keep yourself interested its best to vary the exercise as often as possible. Having said that walking is often the best low impact and effective exercise for losing weight. It also doesn’t cost a cent!

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5. Motivation, Persistence: Above all the most important factor in being able to lose weight starting now is to keep motivating yourself to do all of the above. We all need a constant push in the right direction as the saying goes ‘out of mind, out of sight’. Thankfully there are tools which can help you do all of the above and give you the motivation to keep at it.

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