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Men: have you ever had that second of panic around her birthday / Xmas / Valentines Day and you realize you haven’t got any idea what present to get? That anxious sensation that whatever you get her will probably be represent your love. Have you ever felt that if you ever purchase the incorrect thing, you will be accused of not understanding her, or even maybe not caring or appreciating her enough?

Women: do you feel let down in relationships? Do you believe your current man and men in your past have not taken time to comprehend you? To appreciate you? Do you feel unsupported in your desires, goals and ambitions at times? Perhaps you have just had the misfortune of dating a collection of losers?

Guys if it is possible to answer yes indeed, you are in for a annoying time.!!!. you’re most likely with a woman who does not value herself. Women, if you can respond of course, particularly if this reminds you of several past relationships, you’re probably a woman who doesn’t assist and appreciate herself.

Being inside a relationship with somebody who cannot help and appreciate themselves is very much a difficult one. When someone cannot do some thing on their own, they have a tendency to look towards the individual nearest to them to fulfill that role. That is lots of stress to place on a person plus a romantic relationship. In order to play that function you’d need to understand that person’s wants and needs much better than they do. Unless you have special telepathic abilities.!!!.it’s not feasible guys.

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Well the response is your responsibility, your choice. For guys, you may have to think about whether you’re attracting women who cannot help themselves and if it is exactly what you want. For women, consider if you often wish to live within a relationship where your requirements usually are not met.

What I can do today, is give a couple of suggestions to women to help them help and value themselves.

First of all there’s a negative belief that is very much making you feel you might be incapable of supporting and appreciating yourself. Can you recognize what that is? Maybe you do not feel you deserve appreciation, or even that you simply are not strong enough to assistance yourself. You could really feel that you simply require somebody outside of you to ultimately affirm your identiity.

To work these patterns out, get yourself a pretty big sheet of paper and pin it in the wall. Write at the very top of the sheet assisting and respecting yourself”. Underneath write all the items you are feeling about helping and respecting your self. Anything you are able to think of.

When you’ve got done with that identify which of the issues that you have created that are negative. Try and adjust these to constructive statements. For instance, for those who have created the assertion “I am not able to supporting myself”, you can alter this to, “I have assisted myself economically my whole adult life, and so i am capable of supporting myself in one particular zone of my life. If I am effective at helping myself in this zone of my life, I am able to helping myself in others.” Think of a statement that is in fact more positive and keep saying it to reverse the negative belief.

After you have done this exercise begin concentrating on the optimistic. Create a number of constructive affirmations to do each AM in front of the mirror. Louise Hay books really are a fantastic start for these. You might also go to Hay Affirmations because of their cost-free affirmation course.

So, are you able to alter you beliefs about yourself? Yup you’ll be able to, but you need to assume responsibilty for the process. You create your circumstances via your optimistic thoughts, and so you really are responsible for your own life. What an empowering thought!

Hope these ideas help, if anyone has any more ideas to assist women help and respect themselves I’d love to see them within the comments below! Utilize Louise Hay Affirmations to value yourself!

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