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TV Skyworth Group, the new giant’s annual conference, officially became the image of Skyworth Group spokesperson. Some comment that Jay first endorsement to the main fight song entertainment functions K Skyworth TV, is actually trying to cool Skyworth K Entertainment

TV Settled in the living room entertainment market.

“Love and” Love Song Jay K endorsement Skyworth TV

Far from the end of 2008, the Chinese general entertainment audience experiencing a crisis?? All the people, “Kara OK” campaign. TV studio into the public Biao Song, competitive large KTV, this “type of program all the people singing” short period of time swept the country. Based on program content and TV Skyworth cool to open the high performance line, Skyworth homeopathic joint Hunan TV “challenge the microphone,” program, will be this popular song from the Big K stores into the studio end, and finally brought to millions of households living room. According to incomplete statistics, Skyworth cool since the launch of the TV, has entered the nearly 20 million Chinese households, which means at least 2,000 million songs with the K function was moved into a home entertainment devices people’s living room.

Some analysts said the choice to become the image of Jay spokesperson, the company will not rule out his songs Skyworth built into the current cool the TV U disk, or even setting up area K song. Let’s now nearly 20 million TV Skyworth TV users can sing the song system area in Jay Chou’s song, but in the future the group will continue to expand, this ingenious mode of transmission may also Jay transplant endorsement Skyworth one of the reasons for this statement, the team behind Jay noncommittal.

No one can deny that Jay unparalleled in the influence of Chinese music. The album, making movies, doing endorsements, opening solo concerts, popular Allure Zhou kings. Jay Chou of Chinese traditional culture has been upheld creative style, all the creative trajectory Jay insisted that the main line in his heart of hearts face of traditional culture, local culture. Skyworth insiders, select Jay endorse him, and he insists it is the Chinese style original music, and innovative spirit, which continue to adhere to independent innovation and Skyworth, to become the world’s display industry NO.1 same spirit of enterprise. The invitation to speak for Jay, also a Skyworth TV leading brands to cross the grand strategy. Media analysis, Jay seems to have inclined to Skyworth ship, “sea”, occupying the living room entertainment terminal, this cooperation is a bit “about each other.”

Jay honor is well-known circle. He made mother’s name album name, not only the big break, but also a big seller, one of the song “Grandma> I hope more people will be more concerned about the elderly, rather than focus only on money spend. In album in a “listening to the mother if>, it is to the hearts of countless mothers and children even more recent, has become a model for promoting family well, sung by the entire Chinese music.

Modern fast-paced, high-pressure life of so many people forget to convey to the family, love, Skyworth cool song to open TV system is a K-expression of a loving bond, enhance communication, interaction and communication, so that a more harmonious happy family This is also cool to open TV Skyworth Multimedia Entertainment Television spirit and value of the product content. Imagine kids at home to face the TV singing “listening to the mother, then> is not a great way to express love, then, this is the best spread. “And Jay’s cooperation, extension, and more content.” Skyworth said so.

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