Low Fat Recipes – Most Efficient Way to Lower Calorie Intake


Weight problems, heart disease and high cholesterol levels are more and more common these days. This is why many people try to change their dietary habits and to have a healthier lifestyle. This implies the fact that they need to start reducing the fat intake, so low fat recipes become more and more popular. If you imagine that diet recipes or low fat recipes are nothing tasty and can’t be enjoyed, you are deeply wrong. You don’t have to sacrifice the pleasure of eating just because you won’t eat fatty dishes anymore. Tasty doesn’t have to mean fried or greasy. Low fat foods, as long as they are prepared wisely and spiced accordingly, can prove even more delicious that a simple stake with fries covered in mayonnaise.

In order to start preparing low fat recipes you have to stop frying foods. Use the grill instead and you will definitely lower your calorie and fat intake. In other case, boiling can also be an option. Try to eliminate butter and oil from your cooking routine and if you really have to use some fat, try cooking sprays instead of other fats. Try to get accustomed with boiling, baking and grilling the foods you are going to consume. Also use low fat milk and low fat cheese in your diet recipes and you will obtain the same appetizing result, only with less fat.

Give up using creams and sauces and forget about mayo. You will be amazed of how tasty light sauces and salsas can be. The spices are the key to delicious low fat recipes. Take for example grilled vegetables or turkey burgers. No one will claim that turkey burgers are just as regular burgers because turkey meat is leaner and thus has a more delicate flavor. Take the bright side and use your imagination in order to spice it up as you please.

You can try spices that you have never used before and instead of being fad, turkey burgers can turn into a delicious combination of flavors. Things are about the same with grilled vegetables, not to mention that you can also create good looking dishes because they are colorful and you can cut them in whatever shapes you please.

Low fat recipes shouldn’t be considered a sacrifice or a punishment. With a little bit of imagination you will be able to enjoy them just like you were enjoying your other meals.

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