Low GI Food Ideas

By HerryLawford on 2010-04-21 18:41:36

Losing Weight The Intelligent Way

By now you’ve heard every type of diet from the cabbage diet to the wool sox diet and they all stink. Every fad comes and goes whilst the participants end up heavier than they did proir to their enlightening.

Diets Suck

Yeah they do and you know they suck. Frankly I’ve only ever seen a couple of eating plans that I ever could stick to for life and they weren’t healthy ones. What I love about the whole Low Glycemic thing is that the foods are sensible and the whole way you go about it is intelligent – So long as you are.

Low Glycemic (Low GI)

Basically if a food is low in GI then it doesn’t have much of an impact on your blood sugar, which means it won’t give you sugar lows and energy deficits.

Another great aspect of these great Gi Foods is that they are all tasty, healthy and natural foods – Which I believe are the best things that you could put into your body.

Fat Burning

Without going into the finer details, when you eat bad carbs you release insulin to stabilise your blood sugar – Insulin stops fat burning dead in it’s tracks. Your body burns roughly 30% of it’s calories as body fat, but when you eat High Gi insulin releasing foods, then forget fatburning – In fact kiss it goodbye.

When you consume a low Gi rich diet, your body is always burning it’s stores of fat for energy as your insulin is kept under control.

Some Great Low GI Foods

Soy beans

These little gems are some of the best foods in the world and the good news is they can keep your energy levels in check and advance your weight loss efforts sensibly.

Some high fat foods will have low gi’s but it worth noting that fat slows down carbohydrate processing in the body so it can be misleading.

An example would be a block of butter (high fat) mixed with a cup of sugar and being called a low GI food – Which it would be, but only because it’s loaded with fat.

It’s best to stick to low gi natural foods such as grains and fruits as these can’t be tampered with to trick you like some low gi chocolate bars that are only low gi because they are fatty.

Choose low glycemic carbohydrates and enjoy them as the majority carbohydrate source in your diet, the best thing is that they really are quite enjoyable foods.

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