Luoyang Travel Guide

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Luoyang’s Loaction in China

Located in the western part of China’s central Henan Province, Luoyang is one of China’s seven ancient capitals including Han Dynasty, Wei States in Three Kingdoms, Jin Dynasty, Southern States and so on.  Comprised of six city districts and eight counties, Luoyang occupies an area of 15,492 square kilometers, with a total population of 6.16 million, 1.4 million urban. Luoyang city proper covers an area of 544 square kilometers.

History of Luoyang

Luoyang served as the capital for nine dynasties over a period of more than 1,500 years. 96 emperors from the prehistoric Xia Dynasties, through Shang, Western and Eastern Zhous,  Cao Wei, Sui, Later Liang, Later Tang and Later Jin Eastern Han established their seat of power there. Luoyang’s importance in history means that it has significant influence in China’s cultural heritage and has many historical sites. Although the political upheavals in the last century destroyed some of its grand historical heritage, Luoyang still retains many of its significant ancient landmarks which are the main tourist draw cards.

What to see in Luoyang

There are many famous attractions in Luoyang. In and around Luoyang, visitors will find the White Horse Temple, the first Buddhism temple in China, Longmen Grottoes, a place renowned as a treasure house of Buddhist culture and art. The natural scenery around this area is also fascinating.

When to go Luoyang

Luoyang lies in the temperate zone and has a continental climate. Spring is cold and dry. Most of the rainfall comes during the rainy season in summer time. Summer in Luoyang is humid. Autumn has the most comfortable weather conditions and is the best time to visit. High season prices do apply however, and it is more crowded. Winter is cold and snow is common. The annual Peony Festival is held here in April. Visitors can enjoy a great variety of beautiful peony flowers so April is also a good time to visit if you want to see China’s national flower.

Where to stay in Luoyang

Luoyang is a popular travel destination in China. There are hundreds of hotels in Luoyang. Famous hotels are including Peony Plaza Hotel, New Friendship hotel, Huayang Plaza Hotel, Luoyang Cygnus International Hotel, Home inn and so on. If you planning tour to Luoyang, just book the hotel online with the China tour operator.

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