Luxury Chalets In The Alps For The Perfect Winter Getaway

.tags The idea of it snowing in London is very romantic, conjuring up images of bygone years, Victorian London and Richard Curtis films. The reality however seems to quite literally…bite. Grocery shopping, school runs and general day to day movement just seem much more complicated in a city unprepared for such weather. The beautiful white powder and romanticism is soon replaced by dismal grey slush and general disgruntled misery.

My children love the snow though and the mere thought of it sends them into extreme yelping excitement. So, with this in mind I decided to book a luxury ski holiday, so that we can all enjoy the fun that the snow brings, with none of the setbacks. The children were delighted; I pictured quaint hamlets filled with fairy lights and luxury chalets with under floor heating, whilst my husband planned black runs and extreme chocolate quaffing. Never having been on a ski holiday before, I looked into resorts in Switzerland, France, Italy and Austria and in the end narrowed it down to Val d’Isere in France and St Anton in Austria.

St Anton made the shortlist as it has an excellent early snow record and we were planning to go in December. It also has excellent off piste runs and is a beautiful, vibrant village. St Anton chalets are usually in the traditional Nordic style reflected across the Arlberg region and if you contact a British company like Ski in Luxury or Toffs World, they will allocate you a specialist advisor who will match you will the perfect ski resort and luxury chalet for your family’s needs. The pedestrian only village appealed to me as it meant my children could have slightly more freedom then usual, and this was something that was highlighted to me by my travel specialist.

Val d’Isere also appealed because it is considered one of the world’s truly great ski resorts, with an endless variety of slopes as well as a world renowned ski school for the children and lots of activities for them to do when not on the slopes. Val d’Isere chalets vary more in style with some very modern and unusual architecture. If you have children I thoroughly recommend looking at luxury catered ski chalets as having your meals taken care of really enables you to relax and enjoy your break.

In the end I plumped for St Anton as I felt the smaller, quainter resort would be more suitable for our first foray into Alpine adventures. We had a fantastic time and for our next winter jaunt I will talk to Oxford Ski or Scott Dunn and look at Zermatt and Courchevel as well as further afield to the States and Canada. After visiting St Anton I have to say that the snow and Nordic feel did meet my romantic expectations, they even had fairy lights!

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