maintain your weight through exercise


When you gain weight it’s generally because you’ve been eating too much and not exercising enough. It doesn’t take many extra calories to lead to weight gain, and if you don’t regularly monitor your weight it can easily sneak up on you until one day you find your clothes no longer fit. Exercise can offset those extra calories you occasionally consume, as it increases your metabolism, not only whilst you are exercising, but for hours afterwards. It can also increase your muscle tone which can help burn fat, and thus exercise should be regarded as crucial in helping you to manage your weight.
It seems that many adults make excuses for why they cannot find the time to exercise, even though it is in their best interests to make time. Exercise is not only important for helping you to maintain a healthy weight, but is also good for your heart and lungs, and can reduce the likelihood that you will develop heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
Some people find that they used to be extremely active as children and adolescents, but that as they started working full-time and found themselves settling down their priorities changed, and exercise no longer featured among them. Consequently they may have simply let themselves go, gaining weight gradually over the years until they eventually reach middle-age and start to worry about the health implications of being overweight. It is then that they finally make an effort to do something about their weight, which is when they suddenly rediscover the value of exercise.

Anybody can incorporate exercise into their routine as there is a huge variety of activities on offer, and even everyday activities which you may not consider to be exercise, such as housework, can become so if you put enough effort in. Unless you are specifically ‘on a diet’ the chances are you won’t be counting every calorie going into your body and every calorie you expend.

However, it might be a good idea to get an idea of how many calories you burn, and there are plenty of online calories to give you some indication of the number of calories different activities help you to burn. They are not completely accurate, as there are factors which these calculators don’t take into consideration, such as how much of your body weight is made up of fat compared to muscle. They do allow you to compare different activities, though, which can help you to decide which activities would best suit you. Obviously the more calories you burn the more physically demanding the activity will be which might not be for everyone.

Once you’ve made exercise a regular part of your life you can set about adjusting your calorie intake if you need to. If you are aiming at weight maintenance you may need to increase your calorie intake, incorporating more carbohydrates and protein into your diet to help fuel and repair your body. Obviously if you are aiming to lose weight you should assess where you can cut calories from your diet without jeopardising your ability to continue with an exercise programme. It is all really a matter of trial and error – you need to learn to listen to your body and ascertain how active you are and how many calories you need.

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