Making Flying More Convenient

{flickr|100|campaign} When it comes to flying, you have two choices. You can fly among sweating people in a poorly insulated box, waiting for the flight attendant to bring you your beverage or your small package of crackers, or you can spend a few extra bucks to fly charter where you can spread out, eat your own food, not wait for your drink, and get important work done.

Flying is supposed to be convenient, but in recent years it has gotten more and more restrictive and the amount of time spent waiting to get on the plane has increased drastically. Sitting in an airport or on the tarmac waiting to take off is nobody’s idea of fun. It usually gets the trip, whether it is a business trip or a vacation, off to a bad and stressful start.

Flying is the best way to travel, especially when you consider the options. With gas prices skyrocketing, the hours of spending dozens of hours cooped up in a car on an interstate seeing nothing but advertisements for the next McDonald’s gets old real fast. Especially since you have your music, your spouse has his or hers and the kids are screaming in the back. The friendly skies are a lot more friendly than the interstate.

If you are a business traveler, flying is the only way to go. You can leave home in the morning, put on your business attire and get to the meeting anywhere in the country without changing. Do you want to smell like gasoline fumes when you get to that big meeting? Probably not, so flying is really your only option. It’s also the most convenient.

It used to be much more dangerous to fly long distances, but things have changed. Flying first-class on a commercial flight offers more amenities, but nowhere near as much as a charter jet if you can afford it. It offers more comfort, much more convenience, and you can sit where you want, nap easier, spread out, get your work done, and you rarely have to wait for the runway to clear. It’s easier and worth the convenience.

With a good Jet charter the vacation starts as soon as you hop on the plane. Using an Air charter can add a lot to the fun of any holiday.

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