Marketing Abilities

By Peter Apostol on 2017-08-26 11:00:34

In this article i highlight some of the marketing abilities needed by marketers depending on their function within an organization.

Marketing abilities needed by advertisers – Creativity is one ability which an advertiser needs. Although many advertisers are naturally born with this ability, there are some proven scientific methods to improve productivity and to enhance your right brain thinking.

Marketing abilities of Market researchers – Market researches need to be very good mathematically as well as analytically. They need to be very good at extracting information from tons of data and using the same to generate the best marketing strategies.

Marketing abilities needed by a strategist – A marketing strategist uses the reports generated by market research to further determine the future strategies of a company. Abilities which a strategist needs include indepth thinking and decision making along with awareness and sound knowledge. A strategist works at the core of the organization and hence strategies are a work of top management only who have experience and can make sound decisions keeping different aspects of a company in mind.

Marketing abilities of an Online Marketer – An online marketer needs to be highly dynamic and adaptable in nature. The online arena is changing rapidly with new technologies and methods being on a very rapid phase. The online marketer thus needs to adapt to such a changing environment.

Marketing abilities of Sales personnel – Sales personnel need to be excellent in their communication skills which ultimately helps them in making the customer understand their products as well as convince him to buy the product. At the same time sales personnel need empathy to understand the customer requirements and accordingly suggest the correct product to him.

Marketing abilities of Channel Executive – A channel executive needs to be very perceptive and empathetic as he needs to maintain relations with his channel, motivate them as well as diffuse any exploding situation. Channel conflict is a common phenomenon and in such cases the initiative taken by channel executives plays a crucial role in diffusing conflict situations.

These are some of the roles in which marketing professionals need to improve on their abilities. Which role are you in? And what roles do marketing abilities play in your profile?

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