Marketing for Cleaning Businesses and Maid Services by The Maid Mentor, Katie Pearse

Marketing for Cleaning Businesses and Maid Services by The Maid Mentor, Katie Pearse

I am Katie Pearse, The Maid Mentor, and I create professional marketing products and services for business owners who run high-end house cleaning companies.

My first guide is “Get 5 Quality Clients In 10 Days Without Spending a Penny” and is FREE on my website for you to download.

I have a club for other cleaning business owners to talk marketing, advertising, website design, SEO strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging for cleaning services businesses.

I will show you exactly how to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to grow your cleaning business, get quality, high-paying clients and attract and keep great employees. I’ll help you figure out how to differentiate yourself from every other maid service and cleaning company out there to become #1 in your market.

I promise that you don’t need a fancy office, administrative staff, 50 employees & thousands of dollars of investment to own and operate a successful cleaning business.

I give you honest, effective advice from someone who has been there, and would love to help you, every step of the way. Because a cleaning business can be rewarding, profitable, and a heck of a lot of fun.

Visit to grab your guide!

This guide will teach you exactly how to get 5 new high-paying clients in 10 days (or less!)

If your average cleaning is $175 bi-weekly, each client spends $4,550 per year on your cleaning services.

Multiply that by 5 clients, and you have now added $22,750 per year in revenue, simply by following the advice I have laid out in this guide.

I show you my real life promotions and posts, giving you a glimpse of the work I did to build a million-dollar maid service through online marketing.


I charged 2 – 3x what our competitors charged & still had a waiting list of eager clients.

I worked from home, putting money I could have spent on an office back into growing my business.

I didn’t have a receptionist or administrative assistant on staff yet provided caring & responsive customer service.

I only met with my team of cleaners once a week, which saved thousands of $$$ on labour costs.

I designed & managed my own website & marketing materials & even if you don’t have skills in this area, I can show you how to as well.

I sold over $1 million per year in cleaning services with a staff of only 10 maids.


I founded and operated a million-dollar maid service from 2008 – 2015. I have been personally mentored by Debbie Sardone and am currently collaborating on an ebook with the innovative people at Jobber, “How to Start a Cleaning Business”, to be released this spring.

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