Marketing Research And Survey In Call Centers

.tags The importance of marketing research and survey cannot be denied when customer behavior has to be identified and assessed. Market researches and surveys are in trend now, its more of a necessity to gather market information; this helps in sales of products and services. This is a method through which information is collected on the changing market trends, customer behavior is mapped, and potential areas of growth are found.

The right form of market research and survey should be able to determine what the entire market wants. The company conducting the research can realize from the output what is required of it to be chosen by the target audience. Call center techniques are very useful in this situation, as these techniques help a company become the suitable choice for its customers.

Conducting market research surveys

Apart from surveys, conducting a market research for a company also requires a streaming videoconferencing and media focus group, other focus groups, database intelligence, IVR or live agent outbound survey campaigns to target the existing customers or prospective customers, qualitative and quantitative research, discussions, and questionnaires. There are different kinds of surveys that we offer, which include product surveys, telephonic surveys, employee research, written surveys, and one-to-one surveys.

The techniques used here include setting up a plan for research, collecting information, defining the problems and the objectives of the research, analyzing the outputs and findings of the research and survey, and presenting the findings in the right manner so as to help develop business.

The team of market researchers provides the management with reliable, accurate, relevant and current information. Based on this information, lots of tactical and strategic decisions are made by the marketing managers. The decisions are made about target market selection, potential opportunities, planning and implementation of marketing programs, market segmentation, marketing performance, as well as control.

Controllable marketing variables include product, promotion, pricing and distribution; whereas, uncontrollable environmental factors include technology, general economical conditions, political environment, competition, public policies and laws, and social and cultural changes. The marketing variables are linked with the consumers and the environment.

Our call center agents are well chosen, properly assigned, well trained and supervised; the top performance of the outbound call center agents bear testimony to that.

We cater to the individual requirements of customers 24/7/365. Our call center services are designed to ensure success of business and every survey is emphasized on. We have an experienced team that conducts market surveys through outbound call centers and focus on competitive positioning. Market research here is guided with advanced business strategy.

We have built our reputation on the use robust call center technologies, workflow orientation, cost reductions, conversions of sales, effective business process outsourcing solutions for needs of call center, domain and process specific knowledge, and the availability of well defined BPO processes.

It is important to choose the perfect call center technology for enhancing your business process and knowing what people need, want and what they believe in. We provide you just that.

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