Marketing Your Home Based Business On Your Vehicle

Marketing Your Home Based Business On Your Vehicle

Marketing your home based business on your vehicle is an awesome way to build branding and capture eyeballs. Unlike most other forms of advertising, it is a one time cost, and if done correctly, can give your business unlimited exposure. Who wouldn’t like that, right?

Here’s 10 tips to marketing your home based business on your vehicle:

Tip #1: Don’t use door magnets. They are only visible to people who see your vehicle from the side, they can fall off in the rain, and they look tacky.

Tip #2: Use a large, custom made window decal on the rear window. Your business name and contact information will be visible to everyone who is driving behind you. If you’re in Los Angeles, on the 405, that could be hours.

Tip #3: Keep your vehicle clean and drive in a manner that will represent your business well. The way you drive, and the way your vehicle appears, will reflect on you and your business. Whatever you do, don’t park in a handicap spot illegally!

Tip #4: In normal traffic flow, people will only see your decal for a few seconds. So keep the information short and to the point. You should have a business name, website, and a phone number or email. Keep the website and email address simple and easy to remember. If your business name is the same as your web address, even better. Think

Tip #5: The window decal should go on the outside of the window, unless you live in a climate where you are scraping the ice off the rear window. Outside decals are easier to see, especially if your rear window is even slightly tinted.

Tip #6: Don’t get perforated vinyl. It’s overkill and costs a good deal more than the decal.

Tip #7: You can either pay to have a professional apply the decal to your rear window, or you can do it yourself if you have steady hands and a good eye.

Tip #8: Once you have your window decal on your rear window, make sure you get lot’s of eyeballs! Park your vehicle for maximum visibility. When you’re at home, if you live in an apartment or condo complex park so your neighbors can see it. Whenever you’re out, try to park where there is maximum foot traffic.

Tip #9: Be friendly and approachable to people, especially people you see everyday. They are more likely to ask you what is the business on the back of your vehicle window.

Tip #10: Use your company name and logo. You want to brand your business, not the company you are working with. If you use their name on your window, people will Google their name and go visit their site, and sign up. You want them to visit your branded site and give you the opportunitiy to give them a presentation. Here are the specs we used for our window decal: 12″ x 18″. Double check the dimensions on your vehicle. Use die-cut lettering. Each letter is cut out individually and looks much better than a single 12″ x 18″ decal.

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