Marrakech Holidays


Are you planning a Morocco holiday? There are many great things to see and do and Marrakech Riad can be your dream destination when you want to see all that great Morocco has to offer. At only a stone’s throw away from Europe, Morocco is in the crossroads of where the East meets the West. Africa meets with Southern Europe and the Mediterranean merges with the Atlantic where you can enjoy the best of both worlds in an interesting combination.

A good way to start your Marrakech city break is by choosing the appropriate accommodation in the Ochre City. The best choice is no doubt to rent a Marrakesh riad, which are traditional houses turned into hotels or guesthouses while preserving their original structure and style. Most Riads are located inside the medina or old town, but a most convenient ryad Marrakech will be near the Djemaa El Fna square, the geographical and cultural centre of the city.

Once you have arrived in Marrakech you will find that there is so much to do and the perfect place to start your city break is at the Djemaa el Fna. This is a lively square and market place in the old part of the city and is popular place for tourists and locals alike. It is really lively during the day and the night; expect to see snake charmers, musicians, dancers, story tellers, monkey acts and whole lot more and if you get peckish or thirsty you can go to one of the many food and drink stalls that line the square.

The shops in Marrakech are open seven days the only break is for some middayprayers. There are food stalls serving people with home cooked meals almost all day long at very reasonable prices. If you go early you can find the people setting up stalls. The painters find these places very exciting with riot of colors. The map of the city will tell you easily that the old port city has been overtaken by the new citydevelopments but the most of the old town is still thriving and is still considered to be more authentic place to start the visit. There are many old castles from the royal family that are now being opened up as hotels if you wish this could be the place to stay or a wonderful stop to the whole trip.

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