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Do you like the idea of maternity photography but don’t know where to begin?  Below are simple answers to questions about having your portrait taken while you are pregnant.

Where is the Photo Session?

There are three basic options for a location of your photo shoot.  

1.  The photographer’s studio

2.  Your home

3.  Outdoors – for example, a park or beach

What should I wear?

If you are going to be outside choose clothing appropriate to the setting.  If you will be photographed in a park wear comfortable, casual clothing.  However, if you are going to be photographed in a studio or your own home, then you have more options.  There are two popular trends in maternity photography with regard to clothing.  Flowing cloth such as a sheet is used to wrap your body in such a way that highlights your belly.  Another common practice is to shoot the expectant mom in her pre-pregnant clothing.  Of course your jeans won’t fit.  Folding down the jeans accentuates your belly.  Many professional maternity photographers work with you to expose as much or as little skin as you would like in the portrait.

What is included in the price?

Just as the prices vary from studio to studio, so does the portrait package.  It is common for portrait photographers to charge a fee for the session.  Purchasing any photographs and/or items is in addition to this charge.  The sitting fee covers the time and materials for the photographer to take the photographs.  Apart from that you will be offered several different picture packages.  Packages can range from a single portrait print to a hard cover bound book and many different sized images.  

How long is the photo session?

Be prepared to spend between 1 – 2 hours during your maternity photography session.  Having time for the photographer to get to know you and help you to relax and feel comfortable will translate to better portraits.

Who should I hire?

Getting recommendations from trusted friends is a great start your search for a maternity photographer.  Find several different professional photographers in your area and interview them.  Ask if they specialize in maternity and newborn photography.  Look at their portfolios to get a feel of their style.  Go online and compare different styles.  Decide if you want a freelance photographer or perhaps you may want to hire a larger studio.

Hire a specialist.  Maternity photography is a specialty within the field of portrait photography.

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