Meat in the ancient Rome

Fish Eyed, with Good Reason
Another shot of the fish I photographed through the glass display case of the Whole Foods Market in Phoenix, Arizona. I wish I could get the permission to shoot these subjects without the glass, but I thought I was pushing my luck just to get permission to shoot photos there, period.

This is another image for my set on Meat, which will become part of a collection for Food Groups and whole foods. See the previous photos if you are interested on my takes on what I see out and around.
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The most commonly used in cooking meat by the Romans was the pig.The parties were the most popular of the pig sow’s udder and vulva because they are considered useful against the evil eye. The best meat, however, was considered to be that kid , while the meat was less valuable than sheep and goats.Much appreciated was the flesh of birds, both those kept in the courtyards and the bird is wild game.In addition to thrushes and pigeons, the Romans loved to cook animals imported from different regions of the empire, such as flamingos, storks and cranes, were the most sought after dishes of pheasant and peacock. I loved the richest tasting dishes dormouse and flamingo which was much sought language.Farming of dormice (gliraria) were devoted much painstaking care.As for the chicken was not very popular and was mainly consumed by the poor.In ancient Rome we ate too wild ass (onager) and game such as boar, hare, goose, duck, deer, roe deer and fallow deer.

Another staple in the diet of the ancient Romans was the fish. Initially it was eaten only in times of famine but soon was considered a delicacy and an essential food.Among the best known species were bream, pike, sole and mullet.Usually the fish was accompanied by boiled vegetables and even liver and various meats.In the kitchen of ancient Rome, were also very popular farmed fish in the pools: shrimp, cuttlefish, octopus, lobster, lobsters and various molluscs which were flavored with all sorts of sauces and accompanied with duck eggs, quail, partridge and pigeon.Among molluscs, the most popular was the oyster and many wealthy people owned farms to grow personally even oysters. From pomarius, the grocers of the City, there were lots of fruit, from apples to pears, quinces, plums and grapes, cedar and blackberries.A peculiar result was obtained from the crossing of a cherry tree Prunus Avium laurel, giving an exquisite product pleasant and slightly bitter aftertaste.

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