Medicine King Sun Simiao Health Has Merit, “13 Regular” Health Law


Chinese medicine in China in ancient times they have any old health secret law, these health knowledge we can also learn from this issue, we will provide you Jiemi famous doctor in ancient China’s health brilliant idea. According to legend, Sun Simiao live

Medicine King passed away at age 141, there must be superior to others of their long life experience. Sun Simiao fact frail childhood, and later studied medicine due to illness. He summarized the clinical experience before the Tang Dynasty and medical theory, the compiled two medical masterpiece – “the daughter of prescriptions” and “Qian Jin Yi Fang.” Sun Simiao through self-organize and experience, concludes that “13 regular” health of the Act. So these good health how to use law to our daily lives, for this special interview with reporters in Shenyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners Wei Di, ask him to everyone Xiangjie this “13 regular” health of the Act.

Hair often comb: 36 rub each other under the palms facing up to palm fever, starting from the forehead up, swept back by the head and neck. Sooner or later 10 times. There are many important points the head, often “comb” to prevent headaches, ringing in the ears, hair and hair loss.

Normal operation projects: sleep a wink, and then forced open his eyes, circle eyes, look left, up, right, down four; then close his eyes, forced open his eyes, circle eyes, looking right, up, left, the next four . Repeat 3 times. Contribute to eye health care, to correct myopia.

Teeth are constantly knocking: I slightly closed, the upper and lower teeth knock each other without too much force, but the teeth to be audible knock each other to do under 36. Meridian through the jaw can keep a clear head, to enhance digestion, prevent tooth decay and dental bone degradation.

Jin Chang Tun: I slightly closed, the tongue protruding teeth, starting from above, slowly rotate to the left, a total of 12 laps, and then swallow saliva. After starting from the top, the opposite direction to do 12 laps.

Can also be slightly closed mouth, tongue and teeth are not outside, but in the mouth, around the jaw rotation. After 12 laps left to swallow, and then do a reverse direction. Swallow the saliva into the imagination as far as possible under the pubic region. Saliva contains a large number of enzymes, able to reconcile hormone secretion, thereby strong stomach.

Regular ear drum: palm cover both ears, forced inward pressure, let go, there should be “pop” bang. Repeat 10 times, his hands their ears, the ears fold back, hands index finger to hold back the middle finger to the index finger force missile head under Fengchi 10. Before going to bed to do every day, can enhance memory and hearing.

Often face wash: 36 rubbing their hands, the hands warm down after scanning. This action often do, to make his face red and shiny and would not have wrinkles.

Often head shaking: hands and hips, close their eyes, hung his head, slowly twist to the right, until the recovery position as a total of 6 times. Repeat the opposite direction. This action often making it possible for a quick mind, attention should be done slowly, otherwise dizziness.

Back often put: the body and hands in rhythmic swing. When the body twisted to the left, the right front, left hand, the former right hand to tap the lower abdomen, left hand to tap in after the “Gate of Life” points, repeat the opposite direction. Do at least 50 times, enough to do better under 100. Can strengthen the stomach, solid kidney, prevent indigestion, stomach aches, low back pain.

Regular abdominal massage: 36 hand-wringing, the hand warm hands after crossing, rubbing clockwise around the navel. Knead the scope of small to big, to do 36 the next. Can help digestion, absorption, eliminate belly bulge.

Anus often mentioned: breathe in the anus muscles tighten. Breath, maintain a few seconds, until the can not stand, and then exhale to relax. At any time to practice. Preferably twice daily and do 20 to 30 times.

Often twisted knee: feet side by side, close to the knee, were slightly squat, hands on knees, twisting to the left and right, all done under 20. Can strengthen the knee, the so-called “old legs, first the old, the first soft knee kidney deficiency” and to live longer, the legs should start.

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